The 53 best Chromebook keyboard shortcuts


Chromebooks can be some of the simplest, fastest and most convenient computers around. This doesn’t mean there is no learning curve to them. In fact, there is a pretty steep one. We can all access the browser and log into facebook, but what if you want to take more advantage of what a Chromebook can do?

Those who want to dig deeper will definitely be interested in learning some of the many keyboard shortcuts that exist for Chrome OS. These are often hard to find, as no manual comes with the computer. We wanted to give you a good list of our very favorite (and most popular) keyboard shortcuts.

You can study these or come back and take a look whenever you need to! Without further ado – let’s jump into it.

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for settings and apps

  • Opening the Files app: Alt + Shift + M
  • Opening History page: Control + H
  • Opening Downloads page: Control + J
  • Access the Help Center: Control + ?
  • Toggle bookmarks bar: Control + Shift + B
  • Open the Chrome browser menu: Alt + E or Alt + F
  • Toggle accessibility features: Control + Alt + Z
  • Increase display scale: Control + Shift + “+”
  • Decrease display scale: Control + Shift + “-“
  • Reset display scale to default: Control + Shift + “)”
  • Rotate display: Control + Shift + Refresh button
  • Take a screenshot: Control + window button
  • Take a partial screenshot: Control + Shift + window button

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for windows and tabs

  • Opening a new window: Control + N
  • Opening a new tab: Control + T
  • Opening a new incognito window: Control + Shift + N
  • Closing current tab: Control + W
  • Closing current window: Control + Shift + W
  • Re-open last 10 closed tabs: Control + Shift + T
  • Go to a specific tab: Control + number of tab (Control + 9 sends you to the last one)
  • Switch tab: Control + Tab
  • Switch Window: Shift + Tab
  • Go back: Backspace, back button, or Alt + left arrow
  • Go forward: Forward button, or Alt + right arrow
  • Open link in new tab: Control + click on link
  • Open link in new window: Shift + click on link
  • Return tab to original position: Press Esc while dragging the tab

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for account management

  • Signing out of your Google account: Control + Shift + Q (two times)
  • Lock your Chromebook: Control + Shift + L

Using your Chromebook without touchscreen, touchpad or mouse

You can actually select sections with keyboard shortcuts. You can then navigate with the arrows, and press enter or space to select it.

  • Focus on launcher: Shift + Alt + L
  • Focus on next available pane: Control + back/forward button
  • Focus on Bookmarks bar: Alt + Shift + B
  • Right-click on focused item: Shift + Search + Volume Up

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for page management

  • Page up: Alt + up arrow
  • Page down: Alt + down arrow
  • Move down the website: Spacebar
  • Go home: Control + Alt + up arrow
  • Reload page: Control + R
  • Reload without cache: Control + Shift + R
  • Zoom: Control + “+ or -“
  • Print page: Control + P
  • Save page: Control + S
  • Save page as bookmark: Control + D
  • Save all open tabs as bookmarks: Control + Shift + D
  • Find: Control + F
  • Add www. and .com to omnibar text: Control + Enter after entering all text
  • View page source: Control + U

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for text editing

  • Select all: Control + A
  • Select address bar text: Control + L
  • Copy: Control + C
  • Cut: Control + X
  • Paste: Control + V
  • Undo: Control + Z

  • Great post, excpet when I hit crtl + shift + b it hides bookmarks bar instead of opening files

  • Andy Stetson

    alt + shift + m opens the files app.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Ooops! Thank you for the heads up.

  • Edgar Cervantes


  • Andy Stetson

    Oh, and I didn’t see the best one of all:
    ctrl + alt + “?” – brings up the shortcuts screen/keyboard overlay or whatever it is called.

  • Michael Morris

    ctrl + alt + b, I may never need a mouse again.

  • Magneira

    How do you do this when your notebook does not have a dedicated ? button?

  • Andy Stetson

    The / button, which is shared with the ?. It is a help feature, so I associate it with the ?.

  • Magneira

    does not work, my layout would be this one:

    without dedicated ? key, my ? key is togheter with the W key. I ve tried to press alt + alt with that and got nothing

  • Andy Stetson

    Ctrl + Alt + the key to the left of the right shift key.

  • ashok bakthavathsalam

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to put the Chromebook in Sleep mode (equivalent to closing the screen)?

  • Andy Stetson

    Not that I’ve found, but press the power button for a second to lock, and it will sleep soon thereafter.

  • ashok bakthavathsalam

    Or, in my case (where I am using an external keyboard), Ctrl-Shift-l. Thanks,

  • Jackson

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  • 7lvken7

    S – Thanks I like that one.