Show us your theme in our Chrome forums!

Google Chrome Themes

Last week we went over some of the hottest threads in the Chromespot forums. There were some pretty fun topics in there, but we thought we would do something a little different this week. Why don’t we show off our themes?!

There are many themes out there, with all kinds of neat features and fun concepts. We are sure many of you have some awesome ones, so it’s time to show them off and brag about them. Hell, maybe it would be a great way to find cool themes you haven’t seen yet!

I am sure your browsers are much funner than mine. I happen to be a simple guy – I like keeping my browser clean. I work online, so it makes sense to keep the experience as clear as possible (less distractions). This is why I stick with the stock Google theme. How about you?

Show us an image, the name of the theme and (if available) a link to where we can download it!

I have created a forum thread for this activity, so come join us and show your awesome themes.

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