Too many tabs in Chrome making things slow? Use OneTab and watch your productivity skyrocket

At any given time, you’ve got 3 Chrome windows open, each with 15+ tabs. You’re a multi-tasking warrior, but your productivity is sluggish: all these tabs are creating a distraction, not to mention slowing your computer down considerably, and sometimes even freezing Chrome completely.

If this sounds like you, I’d strongly suggest the OneTab Extension for Chrome.

The concept is really simple:

  • You’ve got too many tabs open, it’s making your computer slow, but you want to save the tabs for later
  • You press the funnel icon at the top right, which is the OneTab icon
  • It organizes all those tabs as a list of text links with favicon and page title
  • Because it’s only an HTML text list it saves a TON of memory from being actively used
  • At any time, you can open up individual tabs from OneTab or restore all tabs at once
  • Right click the extension icon to access additional icons

It essentially takes you from this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.25.06 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.25.28 PM

I find it’s especially helpful for my morning routine. Each morning, rather than get sidetracked by what I was doing the previous day or night, I OneTab everything and follow through with a specific to do list that helps me prepare for the day ahead.

There are plenty of other extensions for Chrome that you could use as alternatives or compliments; if you’ve got a favorite, share with us in the comments!


  • Roog

    Very useful app – I’ve been using it extensively for a couple of years now. I especially like the way you can group and label a sublist of links and create a webpage (“Share as web page…”) of those links.

    If I want to save or backup all of my Chrome windows and their associated tabs, I use the Chrome extension, Session Buddy.

  • This is precisely why Chromespot needs to live. Great heads up!

  • mwjii

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  • Khánh Vân
  • How is this different than Bookmarks -> Bookmark Open Pages? It’s already built in.

  • PeterQ

    I found a very beautiful and powerful new tab ,”infinity new tab “,and i still use it

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  • jalal
  • Jailbreak

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  • Good Day All!I hope All are enjoying a pleasant one. I’ve been using OneTab for a long time ( I’m not sure specifically when, many Months ). It has worked flawlessly. It’s very handy for keeping Tabs organized and asleep at the same time. I only wish there was a way to Back it Up, or Send it to another Computer, other than Sharing All as Web Page. I lost it a couple of times due to the need to do the Powerwash option to fix my Google Account. Other than that, I find it to be an intelligent and thoughful creation. Many Thanks! John / BringBackDOS.

  • justin casey

    Hey – How do I add a new tab group?? I have been renaming groups and moving tab links around, but…