Warning: Awesome Screenshot users should remove it from Chrome immediately [Malware]

Aug 24th 2014 a 8:27pm by Rob Jackson

Spread the word: if you’ve got the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension installed on your computer, you should remove it immediately. I absolutely loved the extension and used it dozens of times per day, but recent reports claim it could contain malicious code that accesses sensitive data from your web browsing history.

Too many tabs in Chrome making things slow? Use OneTab and watch your productivity skyrocket

Aug 27th 2014 a 5:35pm by Rob Jackson

At any given time, you’ve got 3 Chrome windows open, each with 15+ tabs. You’re a multi-tasking warrior, but your productivity is sluggish: all these tabs are creating a distraction, not to mention slowing your computer down considerably, and sometimes even freezing Chrome completely. If this sounds like you…

Hello? Anyone There? Do you miss ChromeSpot?

Aug 23rd 2014 a 6:48pm by Rob Jackson

The last official post on ChromeSpot was March 28th, some 5 months ago. Since then, we’ve seen a steady stream of e-mails asking where we’ve gone, why we left, and if we’ll ever come back. I want to finally address those questions.