The 53 best Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Mar 27th 2014 a 7:32pm by Edgar Cervantes

Those who want to dig deeper into their Chromebooks will want to learn some of the many keyboard shortcuts that exist for Chrome OS. Here are the best ones!

Upload to Google Play Music straight from Chrome and Chromebooks!

Mar 26th 2014 a 4:36pm by Edgar Cervantes

This is huge news. You can now upload music from any Chrome browser… including Chromebooks! Click through to find out how to set it all up.

Acer C720 Chromebook now available from Google Play Store in 4 new countries

Mar 19th 2014 a 3:00pm by Edgar Cervantes

The Google Play Store has just made the Acer C720 Chromebook available in 4 new countries. This means you can now get the Chromebook straight fromt he source!

HOT DEAL: refurbished Acer C720 for just $150!

Mar 27th 2014 a 4:24pm by Edgar Cervantes

The Acer C720 is popular for being one of the most affordable Chromebooks out there, at $199. This is one hell of a deal, but you can get it for even cheaper.

Register for Google IO on April 8-10, here are the details

Mar 26th 2014 a 5:31pm by Edgar Cervantes

Google has just published the and the day to sign up is getting closer and closer. In fact, they have also announced when people will be able to sign up.

Google clears out all the Glass myths

Mar 21st 2014 a 2:54pm by Edgar Cervantes

A lot of people are scared of the idea of Google Glass, but this is mostly due to lack of information. Here are some details about Glass, straight from Google.

8 tips for managing Chrome apps and extensions

Mar 19th 2014 a 6:43pm by Edgar Cervantes

Chrome apps and extensions are amazing, but they can also hurt your browser if not handled right. Here are some awesome and simple tips to keep your browsing experience clean!

ASUS Chromebox now available in Canada!

Mar 26th 2014 a 3:17pm by Edgar Cervantes

The ASUS Chroembox is one of the hottest Chrome OS devices right now. Its price, compact design and upgradeability make it an awesome option. And now you can get it in Canada!

This week in Chrome news: Play Music, Photowall, Google Now, and more

Mar 28th 2014 a 8:36pm by Edgar Cervantes

If you thought last week’s Chrome news were awesome, you will be surprised by all the awesome things that happened this week! Here are the hottest topics this week.

How to set up BT Homehub to work with Chromecast

Mar 19th 2014 a 4:28pm by Edgar Cervantes

There seem to be some issues with Chromecast and BT Homehub devices, which can be a nuisance to those who just purchased a Chromecast. Here’s the fix.

Google releases Photowall – share your photos through your TV

Mar 24th 2014 a 4:50pm by Edgar Cervantes

Google has just released Photowall, a Chromecast service that allows you to share your images to a TV screen. Why is this app really important, though?

Google releases new Chromecast icons, apps should be updated soon

Mar 24th 2014 a 6:23pm by Edgar Cervantes

You might see a different style and look in Chromecast icons next time. Google has released icons, offering a new cleaner and simpler look.

Dell will pay Microsoft for using Chrome OS and Android?

Mar 27th 2014 a 4:02pm by Edgar Cervantes

Dell has reached a deal with Microsoft, and will pay them royalties for using Chrome OS and Android. Do you think this is fair?

Why developers choose to support Chromecast

Mar 20th 2014 a 5:36pm by Edgar Cervantes

Chromecast has quickly become one of the best streaming devices in the market. Why are developers really choosing to support the platform?

Chromecast said to be released in Australia on May

Mar 26th 2014 a 2:22pm by Edgar Cervantes

Chromecast has started its world tour, now available in 11 countries outside the USA, but that isn’t enough. We need to take it all over the world, and it seems Australia is next.

Google Drive now lets you edit images in Slides and Drawings

Mar 26th 2014 a 1:04pm by Edgar Cervantes

Drive is becoming much more complex as it continues to be updated and with the latest update you can even edit images from Slides and Drawings.

Chrome Canary update: improved App Info dialog

Mar 25th 2014 a 7:05pm by Edgar Cervantes

The new experimental App Info feature for Chrome continues to be improved. This allows you to see all your app details without accessing the settings or other complicated menus.

Chromebook settings will no longer look like a browser

Mar 27th 2014 a 5:02pm by Edgar Cervantes

Isn’t it annoying that your Chromebook settings look just like any other browser tab or window? It makes settings confusing to many new users, and it soon will be fixed.

Chromebox users can now adjust monitor brightness with keyboard shortcuts

Mar 27th 2014 a 5:52pm by Edgar Cervantes

Chromebox users can now control screen brightness straight from the keyboard’s brightness keys. Click through to find out all the details!

Chromecast now available in 11 new countries!

Mar 19th 2014 a 12:44pm by Edgar Cervantes

Chromecast is finally heading outside the USA! It’s now available in 11 new countries, is yours in the list?