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Too many tabs in Chrome making things slow? Use OneTab and watch your productivity skyrocket

Posted on 27 Aug 2014 by Rob Jackson

At any given time, you’ve got 3 Chrome windows open, each with 15+ tabs. You’re a multi-tasking warrior, but your productivity is sluggish: all these tabs are creating a distraction, not to mention slowing your computer down considerably, and sometimes even freezing Chrome completely. If this sounds like you…

Warning: Awesome Screenshot users should remove it from Chrome immediately [Malware]

Posted on 24 Aug 2014 by Rob Jackson

Spread the word: if you’ve got the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension installed on your computer, you should remove it immediately. I absolutely loved the extension and used it dozens of times per day, but recent reports claim it could contain malicious code that accesses sensitive data from your web browsing history.

Hello? Anyone There? Do you miss ChromeSpot?

Posted on 23 Aug 2014 by Rob Jackson

The last official post on ChromeSpot was March 28th, some 5 months ago. Since then, we’ve seen a steady stream of e-mails asking where we’ve gone, why we left, and if we’ll ever come back. I want to finally address those questions.

Chromecast: where are all the apps?

Posted on 07 Feb 2014 by Rob Jackson

Chromecast has been out since the summer of 2013 and the SDK is publicly available for developers. So where are all the Chromecast supported apps?

LG Chromebase announced, all-in-one Chrome OS computer to be shown at CES 2014

Posted on 17 Dec 2013 by Rob Jackson

Interest in Google’s Chrome products continues to surge as Google TV not only wanes, but is seemingly pulling a Houdini. Exciting Chromecast announcements might take center stage, but now full blown Chrome hardware is fighting for the spotlight with the official announcement of the LG Chromebase 22CV241. The LG Chromebase …

How to develop apps for Chromecast

Posted on 10 Dec 2013 by Rob Jackson

The flood gates have opened. Google has announced 10 Chromecast Apps and tons more are sure to follow. Will one of them be yours? Whether you’ve already got an Android App on the Google Play Store or have a great idea for a Chromecast App that hasn’t yet been created, …

How to download Chromecast Apps to your Android Phone [VIDEO]

Posted on by Rob Jackson

It’s a wonderful day to be a Chrome lover considering Google just announced 10+ new Chromecast Apps. Unfortunately, the page listing all the new Chromecast compatible Android apps doesn’t provide any download links. No sweat, we’ve got you covered: The process is outrageously easy, you just need to know where …

Plethora of Chromecast Apps launch including VEVO, Songza, BeyondPod, Plex, and Avia!

Posted on by Rob Jackson

I wouldn’t exactly say Chromecast is a sleeping giant, afterall it won TIME Magazine Gadget of the Year, but it’s most powerful features were taking a little slumber, waiting to be awakened by a little API alarm clock. Today, Google announced a number of brand new Chromecast Apps, extending the …

Chromecast wins the Time Magazine Gadget of the Year!

Posted on 09 Dec 2013 by Rob Jackson

There have been other technologies and gadgets to wirelesssly “cast” your content from a device to your television – DLNA, Bluetooth, Apple AirPush, Miracast – but none of them have become a widely popular industry standard. When Google announced Chromecast (see the Chromecast Forums), it didn’t revolutionize an industry, but …

Acer C720-2800 Chromebook available once again through and Amazon

Posted on 25 Nov 2013 by Rob Jackson

It was only a few months ago that the Acer C720 Chromebook was made available along with it’s little brother. But the two were hot commodities, selling out quickly with availability nowhere to be found. Until now. The Acer C720-2800 Chromebook is once again available at Acer.comĀ and   Considering …