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Google releases Photowall – share your photos through your ...

Google has just released Photowall, a Chromecast service that allows you to share your images to a TV screen. Why is this app really important, though?

Download the Chromespot News Chrome extension!

We are dedicated to bringing you the best content, but now we have also made our content much more accessible to you! Check out our new Chrome extension.

From the Chromespot forums: contacts, chromecast apps and devices

Have you checked out the Chromespot forums lately? It’s an awesome place where you can learn, ask and discuss about all Chrome-related matters.

The best Chrome news this week (3-21-14)

We have been crazy busy here at, so we thought we would close out the week with a nice recap of the main topics we covered.

How to view your Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions make our favorite browser the awesome internet portal it has become. But it’s important to keep track of them before they become a mess.

Why developers choose to support Chromecast

Chromecast has quickly become one of the best streaming devices in the market. Why are developers really choosing to support the platform?

8 tips for managing Chrome apps and extensions

Chrome apps and extensions are amazing, but they can also hurt your browser if not handled right. Here are some awesome and simple tips to keep your browsing experience clean!

8 awesome keyboard shortcuts for Chromebook Image Viewer

There are many small features and tricks you can use on Chrome OS, but these tend to be hidden away. The Image Viewer keyboard shortcuts are an example of such hidden gems.

Dayframe update: Chromecast slideshow now free for all!

Dayframe is one of the first and best Chromecast apps, but it only offered Cast support to paid subscribers in the past. The latest update gives us free access to slideshows.

Chromecast now available in 11 new countries!

Chromecast is finally heading outside the USA! It’s now available in 11 new countries, is yours in the list?