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Check out Phandroid’s new Chrome extension!

There is no better match than Android and Chrome. If you use both platforms, you might want to check out Phandroid’s latest Chrome extension! It offers all the Android news you need.

8 tips for managing Chrome apps and extensions

Chrome apps and extensions are amazing, but they can also hurt your browser if not handled right. Here are some awesome and simple tips to keep your browsing experience clean!

How to access Google Drive from your Chromebook

Most of what Chromebooks do revolves around “the cloud” and the internet is an essential part of their performance. This is why Google Drive is so important.

Chrome Web Store makes it easier to have app trials, improves mon...

Chrome users and developers know the Chrome Web Store is not exactly the most profitable app store out there. What can Google do to change this? Here is a good first step!

Screencastify preview – you can now screencast on your Chro...

We have been waiting to be able to screen cast on a Chromebook for too long! This feature is now here, without complications or having to jump through hoops to get it to work.

Google testing new Chrome permission request bubbles – do y...

Google is considering introducing newly-designed permission requests, stating they are more noticeable. But… are they?

Google Now recognizes your family members!

Google Now has been updated to recognize who your close ones are. You can say things like “call mom” to get in touch with your family! Check it out.

Chrome Apps will soon be able to run without the Chrome browser

Chrome Apps and Extensions still need the browser to run, but they could be great products by themselves. Google is said to be working on a solution to separate the browser and Chrome Apps!

Google’s Security Rewards Program now includes all company&...

Are you good at finding vulnerabilities in Chrome Apps? You might want to start looking into Google’s apps and extensions. Google is paying good money if you can help out!

Chrome OS “OK Google” feature will let you open apps ...

The “OK Google” hotword feature is great for searching, but in Chrome OS it will do much more than just that. It will be able to open apps and more!