Found these on Google's site:

11.6" HD Widescreen CineCrystalTM LED-backlit LCD
2.95 lbs. | 1.34 kg.
6 hours of continuous usage 1
Intel® AtomTM Dual-Core Processor
Built in dual-band Wi-Fi and World-mode 3G (optional)
HD Webcam with noise cancelling microphone
High-Definition Audio Support
2 USB 2.0 ports
4-in-1 memory card slot
HDMI port
Fullsize Chrome keyboard
Oversize fully-clickable trackpad

This doesn't look even CLOSE to a full list in my opinion. They don't even say how many megapixels the camera is, just that it's HD. I hope they release the full specs before they start selling this thing, because right now it has me wondering.

I also see the "1. Engineering specs can change without prior notice. Battery times are estimates, depend on lots of different factors, and may decline over time." at the bottom but it looks like that's just in regard to battery life.