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    Default Right-click Theme Tools

    Theme Tools is the left-overs of a few projects that no longer exist.
    What it does.

    1. Crop to Theme:
    It creates Right-click shortcuts to crop a large image into a Chrome theme.
    Making the browser look like one image. Great for desktop wallpapers.
    You should rename your image before selecting "Crop to Theme", so the theme title will be more usable.
    (So if your image is 70997563_test-file.jpg, your theme folder and theme title will be 70997563_test-file.
    That's not very nice.
    How about Hooter Girls.jpg, your theme folder and theme title will be Hooter Girls.
    Yeah, that's better.)

    To Use: Right-click on an image and select "Crop to Theme".
    A folder with the same name as your image will be created in the same directory as the image.
    Inside the theme directory will be a file called "manifest.json" and an images folder with all the cropped images in it.
    You can now test your theme (Load Theme), edit it (edit images and edit manifest.json with a text editor) and build it (Pack Theme), see below.

    2. Pack Theme:
    Adds a Right-click shortcut to pack a theme.
    The alternative to this is opening Chrome, clicking on wrench menu->Tools->Extensions->Developer Mode->Pack extension, and browsing and selecting the theme folder.
    Yeah, it save a lot of steps and time.

    To Use: Make sure Chrome is not running.
    Right-click on the "theme" folder ( this is the folder with manifest.json and images folder inside ), and select "Pack Theme".
    Chrome will open in the background, briefly, and issue a pop-up box explaining what it has done.
    Click "OK" and two files will appear. "theme.crx" and "theme.pem".
    "theme.crx" is your theme and can be installed by dragging it onto chrome or by just double-clicking it.
    "theme.pem" is the private key that is intended to be used for updating a theme.
    It can be deleted because you won't need it.

    3. Load Theme:
    Adds a Right-click option to load a theme.
    This is used for testing your theme.
    It doesn't install the theme, just loads it into Chrome.
    It's more like a temporary install. After you exiting, Chrome will revert back to the default theme.

    To Use: Make sure Chrome is not running.
    Right-click on the "theme" folder ( this is the folder with manifest.json and images folder inside ), and select "Load Theme".
    Chrome will immediately open with the theme ready to use.
    Inspect every aspect to see if it needs editing.
    Always close Chrome before Packing or Loading a theme.
    Edit and Load Theme, repeat as much as needed.
    When you're done editing the theme files, Pack Theme.

    4. Extract Theme:
    This creates a Right-click item to extract theme files from a CRX file.
    It's intended to be used for editing your themes if you have lost or deleted your theme files.

    To Use: Right-click on any CRX file and select "Extract Theme".
    A folder will be created, with all the theme files inside.

    This uses the name of the CRX file to name the folder.
    So BlueBerry.crx will create the folder BlueBerry.

    To INSTALL Theme Tools, copy the folder "Theme Tools" to "C:\Program Files".
    Then run "Install.reg". This creates the right-click shortcuts.

    Alternative Installs:
    If you install to other locations i.e. "My Documents\Theme Tools", edit the paths in "Install.reg", which can be edited with a text editor.
    Use full, correct paths. You can find the path in the address bar in Windows Explorer.

    If you don't wish to run a REG file, you can enter the keys into the registry yourself.
    Open Install.reg with a text editor to get the values.

    Version 1.2 has a much improved color/tint routine, correcting issues with non-visible icons on very dark and very light colored toolbars.
    I've also added PNGOut to optimize theme images. This reduces the file size of the theme images.
    It also slows down the process just a bit, so I changed the script from running silent to running visible, otherwise you won't know when it completes.
    One other change, before running Crop to Theme, rename your image to a suitable title, as the script now creates the theme directory using this title.

    This isn't a new feature, but one that wasn't mentioned previously.
    You can use any image to crop, whether it be JPG, PNG, GIF or PSD.

    Project Page:


    Tested on XP and Vista.
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