I run an iMac OSX Lion.
Today I took delivery of a Zyxel Modem/Router from my ISP.
As I only wanted to use the Modem function, I was keen to access the configuration page.
5 step setup, what could be simpler? Ah Ah.
The login for the page appeared, I tried with Safari, sorry, I'm an Apple person, it didn't want to know.
As is usual for Safari users, I keep Firefox as an alternative, but it wasn't having any of it either.
For some reason which I have yet to figure, I had Chrome on board, put in the password more in hope than belief and Bingo! Configuration page up and ready.
In my experience of browsers, this would not be the way I would have expected things to pan out.
I would be grateful for any thoughts on the subject.
At the very least hopefully this epistle should give frustrated new users of Zyxel another option before slinging it!
Thank you.