When I am on any page, clicking on any part of the window on screen, most notably on the side scroll bar of chrome, suddenly a window pops up - either it goes to or to one another window which shows as if its is scanning my registry.

The crazy thing is it doesnt happen always, for eg, now I wanted to clearly specify here the window for the registry scan, and I click everywhere, but the pop up wont come.
But at the most unexpected times, (its my work laptop) it turns up.

Let me say that I have switched off the Pop up check in chrome settings
I have also uninstalled chrome couple of times in the last two days.
I have deleted almost every stupid software that was in my system, scanned with updated kazpersky, uninstalled anything other than what I require at work, using control panel, however the problem persists.

Please could you advise. Thanking you.