Recently my Chrome bookmarks have begun to change positions in their folders. On a daily basis I must access company website to service my clients. Example I have folder for the different business I work set up my type. In each I have prioritized the bookmarks by those I use the most at the top ect. Recently when I open a folder the bookmarks have all changed position, with no rhyme or reason. I have gone into settings - bookmarks- organize and have cut and pasted the bookmarks where I want them. A couple of days later they have all moved. For me this is serious enough that I will change to a different browser if I can't find a solution.

A separate issue but maybe not so. In gmail under my social tab I have suddenly stopped getting facebook notifications. Didn't do anything different, didn't click a setting, one day I received them and the next day and since I didn't. I made sure the proper blanks were checked in Facebook but still no email notifications.