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Thread: PK in the Chrome Web Store

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    Default PK in the Chrome Web Store

    I am one of the developers for Parallel Kingdom, a location-based MMORPG for Android, iPhone, and web. We have recently added new changes to the game, as well as tons of new features. We more than doubled the features available in the game and updated our entire UI and graphics. We are now at 900,000+ player accounts and we are expecting many more as more changes progress.

    A link to try our game:

    **** Mashable Awards Finalist - Best Mobile Game ****

    I believe we have a really unique game but we need all the press we can get to stand out in the crowded iPhone App market. So I wanted to ask you, as a player, for your input. I will respond to as many posts as I can, your feedback means everything to us.

    The new version is called "Parallel Kingdom - Age of Thrones" and it is available in the Chrome Web Store now!
    Parallel Kingdom

    I am also inviting you to contact me personally if you have any additional thoughts you would like to share about our game.

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