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  1. I usually delete the older rc files, after I test the new ones. that way I only have 2 options, stable or dev.
  2. hey guess who's an idiot ? that's right, me again . was hitting the Chrome v3.0.196.2.rc ?
    you are correct sir, theming is on again .
  3. I'm still using rc file.
    I haven't seen a newer one posted, and as far as I know the themes still work.
  4. on the banner, no problem at all lol . odd that my old themes for .39 work in .43 if i just copy them over to the .43 themes folder .
  5. And I liked the old banner you made, everyone just wanted the banners to tie into the site themes better. So I made banners for each site theme.
  6. I haven't updated CTC with any new images or a new rc file.
    But I updated my portable chrome stable to and the themes worked.
    Maybe I should get someone with the regular stable version to test them.
  7. k, i'm in over at vs designs and for the record, thank God you got rid of that one banner from that other guy, what a turd that was...this one is much better . also, how are you getting themes completed for ? i'm using stable version & CTC w/ but don't have the new images .
  8. OK, the username was set to be 5 characters or more, I've changed it to 4, so try it now and see if it's good to go.
  9. attempted to join your site's forums but kept getting the error message . was trying '' pfil '' with '' '' as email .
  10. It looks pretty good, thanks.
    Swing by and see it in action.
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