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Google now the 2nd most valuable company in the world

Google has reached another check point in history, it became the 2nd most valuable company in the world! Will they be able to beat Apple soon?

iOS gets Chrome 32 update with data compression, Translate and mo...

It took more than “a few days”, but iOS finally got the Chrome 32 update we reported about 2 weeks ago. It brings Translate, data compression and more – check it out!

Chromoting remote desktop app also coming to iOS

The Chromoting remote desktop app has been in the works, but we have only heard of the Android version until today. Google is also working on bringing it to iOS users, though!

Google Play Movies & TV now available for iOS, Chromecast su...

iOS gets most Chromecast-supported apps, but there are some missing. For example, Google Play Movies & TV has not been available for iOS… until today!

Google to pay $17 million for violating browser privacy settings

Google is said to have been a bad boy, violating people’s privacy settings! The Search giant is now stuck with 17 million in fees and a lot of shame. What do you think?

Chrome for iOS update: iOS 7 improvements, deeper Google apps int...

Just got iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad? All those new iOS 7-optimized are starting to hit the App Store and Chrome should be one of the first you get! Here’s why.

Chromecast app comes to iOS, allows Apple users to set up the dev...

Got that new Chromecast dongle and there is no easy way to set it up? Now you can! iOS just got the Chromecast app and it should be a breeze to get you going.

Google beats Apple and Facebook in reputation

Ever wondered how people view the biggest tech companies in the world? Here are some details from interviews regarding Google, Facebook and Apple.

Chrome for iOS updated to version 27: improved voice search and p...

iOS devices have been blessed with Chrome version 27. You have some cool features to look forward too. You might even dump Siri after seeing this update!

Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS

It took a while, but Google has finally confirmed that a Google Play Music app is coming to iOS! Now the only question standing is – will you use it over iTunes?