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The 53 best Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Those who want to dig deeper into their Chromebooks will want to learn some of the many keyboard shortcuts that exist for Chrome OS. Here are the best ones!

Chrome Apps will soon be able to run without the Chrome browser

Chrome Apps and Extensions still need the browser to run, but they could be great products by themselves. Google is said to be working on a solution to separate the browser and Chrome Apps!

Chrome bug is wasting your hard drive space!

Don’t know where all your hard drive space is going? You might want to click through and see how Chrome could be eating it all up! We also know how to fix it!

Chrome becomes more touch-friendly with Windows 8

Tired of Chrome not playing well with Windows 8? Google is hard at work to make your experience better. Here are the latest improvements….

App Launcher now rolling out to Chrome’s new tab page

Chrome’s app launcher is an upcoming feature for Windows and Mac computers, and it is already starting to roll out to some Chrome experimental browsers. Doy ou have it yet?

Chrome’s TCP/UDP socket support benefits… and its dan...

Coders and developers will love to be able to take advantage of all the hidden treasures behind Chrome. TCP/UDP socket support is an example of this, a feature that has long existed in other browsers, but Chrome was staying away from for security reasons. That is until lately, though, as …

Chrome 17 Stable Released Today

Google released the stable version of its Chrome browser today, bringing its release number up to 17. It has some nifty new features for end users, but also plenty of security tweaks behind the scenes. One of the newest features is pre-rendering when you type in the Omnibox with predictive …