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Chrome Beta for Android updated with Chromecast support

Wish you could Chromecast from your phone’s browser? Now you can! It’s an experimental feature, but we should see it completed soon enough.

Google Now notifications available with Chrome Beta

Have you been loving Google Now cards on Android and iOS? Now you can have them on your Desktop thanks to Chrome Beta.

Chrome Beta for Android now supports color Emojis

Are you a fan of Emojis? If so, you will be glad to learn Chrome Beta for Android now supports them! Just go ahead and upload the beta browser and you will be set to go!

“OK Google” hotword not working after last Chrome Bet...

Chrome Beta for Android was recently updated with a slew of performance improvements and bug fixes, but it also brought one issue users across the web have been complaining about.

Chrome will notify which extensions were manually installed in de...

Google wants to make sure you are safe from malicious extensions. This is why they are blocking sites from being able to install extensions in your browser, but clearly that isn’t enough!

Chrome Beta now appears as a search result in the Google Play Sto...

Isn’t it annoying to have to go through jumps and flips just to find Chrome Beta for Android in the Google Play Store? It’s been hidden from search results, but such is no longer the case!

Chrome Beta 32 brings faster Android reaction, Vibration feedback...

Chrome Beta 32 is a stepping stone into the bright future of Chrome, especially for Android users. Come find out how!

Android’s Chrome Beta ‘Add to Homescreen’ featu...

You will have to wait a bit before you can use the “Add to Homescreen” feature in Chrome Beta for Android! The guys at Google have found a big bug and are fixing it!

Chrome Beta update brings notifications for tabs playing sound, u...

Don’t you hate when one of your many open tabs starts playing a song and you can’t find where it is coming from? Google has a solution for you!

Chrome Beta for Android gets a new, simpler tab switcher

Google is getting ready to give the Chrome browser a simpler, more efficient tab switcher. Who will benefit from it? Mostly lower-end KitKat devices, but I happen to love it!