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Chrome app of the day: Webview Screensaver

We see many Chrome apps come and go, but very few come from popular Googler François Beaufort. Beaufort’s apps are usually made with testing in mind, and today’s example is no exception.

Exif Viewer Chrome app: take a look at your photos’ exif da...

François Beaufort is not only our favorite Googler, but he is also an awesome developer! His latest creation is a Chrome app called Exif Viewer.

Chrome extensions banned by Google for obtrusive adware

Chrome extensions are meant to be simple and single-purposed tools, but some adware has become a problem. Companies have been purchasing and ruining helpful extensions.

Googler releases ZIP Extractor for Chrome

Googler Mike Procopio has just release ZIP Extractor, a decompresser app for Chrome users that will work like a charm.

Google testing new extension permission dialogs – which is ...

It’s important to always check the permissions dialog. Google is testing some new dialogs to make your experience more secure. Do you like them?

Google will keep your browser clean by banning over-crowding exte...

Don’t you have those extensions that take over your whole extension bar? Toolbars tend to do that, making your browsing experience horrible. Google has said “NO MORE!”

PSA: You can no longer install Chromebook extensions outside the ...

Chrome extensions outside the Chrome Web Store are no longer allowed on Chrome OS (Chromebooks). This makes your computer safer from malicious extensions.

Chrome will let you try apps before installing them!

Tired of installing new Chrome apps just to find out they are no good and having to uninstall them all over? That problem is now gone!

Chrome for Windows will no longer support non-Web Store extension...

Google has found Chrome for Windows is less secure than they wish, so they are taking some drastic measures to keep you safe. Support for non-Web Store extensions is being axed!

Spotify web app now available from the Chrome Store

So we have a bit of good and bad news. The good news is Spotify has just released its web app and it is now available from the Chrome Web Store! The bad news is not everyone will really be able to enjoy it at its full capacity. Spotify’s internet …