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Tip of the day: Chromebook Pixel power button has multiple functi...

Did you know the Chromebook Pixel’s power button does more than just turn your computer off and on? Learn how to take full advantage of the button here!

Chrome Stable Channel update also brings Window Overview

Previously seen in Chrome OS Beta, Window Overview is now ready for prime time. Stable Channel users are getting this awesome feature, and here is how you can use it!

Konami code: Chromebook Pixel easter egg gives you a light show

The Chromebook Pixel is a beast, but the lightbar has only been an aesthetic addition until now. The Konami Code light show is here to prove the lightbar can be much more!

YouTube to demonstrate new 4K video format at CES

YouTube is set on revolutionizing 4K video streaming with its new format – VP9. We will check it out at CES, but first let’s show you what it’s all about.

The Best Chromebooks of 2013

Thinking of getting yourself a brand new Chromebook? Here are the best you will be able to find!

Would you buy a Chromebook Pixel if it was half its price?

The Chromebook Pixel is the best Chrome OS device to date, and arguably among the best laptop computers in the market. But is it worth its price? Is it even worth half its price?!

You can now take advantage of the Chromebook Pixel’s full r...

The Chromebook Pixel arguably has the best display in any laptop computer, but we haven’t even touched its full potential yet! Unless you use Chrome OS Dev, that is.

Google+ Photos app now available for Chromebook Pixel [VIDEO]

Want to check out the Google+ Photos Chromebook app in action? Come join us to learn all about it! It’s only available to Chromebook Pixel owners for now, but we are sure it’s coming to everyone.

Chromebook Pixel vs. Macbook Air (2013)

Apple has just announced its brand new 0213 Macbook Airs. Are they better than a Chromebook Pixel? Come in and find out!

Controlling the Chromebook Pixel’s lightbar [VIDEO]

According to Google, the Chromebook Pixel light bar is there “just because it looks cool”. We don’t buy that, do you?!