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Chromebox users can now adjust monitor brightness with keyboard s...

Chromebox users can now control screen brightness straight from the keyboard’s brightness keys. Click through to find out all the details!

ASUS Chromebox now available in Canada!

The ASUS Chroembox is one of the hottest Chrome OS devices right now. Its price, compact design and upgradeability make it an awesome option. And now you can get it in Canada!

From the Chromespot forums: contacts, chromecast apps and devices

Have you checked out the Chromespot forums lately? It’s an awesome place where you can learn, ask and discuss about all Chrome-related matters.

ASUS Chromebox official overview and demo

Thinking about getting a brand new ASUS Chromebox but aren’t sure what exactly to expect? ASUS has put together a great overview and demo for you. Check it out!

ASUS Chromebox available for pre-order, it’s already Amazon...

I may have not believed in the ASUS Chroembox from the beginning, but I am glad to see this! It just became available for pre-order and it is already breaking records!

ASUS Chromebox now available for purchase!

ASUS is right on time with the Chromebox release! It is available for purchase right now, but are you getting one?

Chromebox for Meetings setup is unbelievably simple

Just got your Chromebox for Meetings bundle? It’s time to hook it all up and get it set up. It’s actually very easy to do! Check out this demonstration.

Chromebox for Meetings: Google’s Enterprise solution for vi...

Have you been wondering why the Intel Core i7 Chromeboxes are not coming to the US? It’s because Google had a bigger plan for them – Chromebox for Meetings!

HP announces its own Chromebox to compete against ASUS

Looking for a Chromebox but you are not satisfied with ASUS’? You might want to check out the HP Chromebox. It is powerful, colorful and should come with a nice price tag!

ASUS announces Chromebox – stunning specs with low price po...

ASUS has just announced a very interesting Chrome OS device. The ASUS Chromebox comes with outstanding specs and low price, but sacrifices portability.