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What is the difference between Chrome and Chromium?

Many of you have probably heard of Chromium and wondered just what it is. The answer is a bit hazy for most, but Fran├žois Beaufort is here to try to show you what it’s all about.

Chromium reaches version 35

Chromium has graduated from version 34 and moved on to 35. This means we will see more new features and improvements – what would you like to see in Chromium 35?

Google testing new Chrome permission request bubbles – do y...

Google is considering introducing newly-designed permission requests, stating they are more noticeable. But… are they?

Chrome’s “App Info” function will give you app ...

Isn’t it annoying having to go through the settings just to see your Chrome apps’ details? Google is making it easier for you in the latest Chromium update.

Chromium updates photo app with highly-requested improvements

Chromium users rejoice! The team has been putting attention to your requests and they have updated the photo app with some great features.

“OK Google” hotword extension now being integrated in...

We have been using the Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) for a while now. This feature is expected to be embedded in Chrome and now we know Google is working on that.

Google announces Pwnium 4, giving $2.7 million to Chrome OS hacke...

You think you have what it takes to go through Google’s security and hack a Chromebook? Pwnium 4 is coming up and you can get a big lump of cash if you succeed!

Chromium adds “quick search” links to the sync settin...

Chromium has added a new feature that allows you to quickly jump between your sync settings by categories. It’s called the “sync settings”, but they are more like quick links.

Aura now available in Chromium for Linux

Google’s Chromium browser gets you the latest features before they arrive to any of the other Chrome versions, and now you can also experience the Aura UI.

You can now customize origin chip (URL address) in Chromium

Google doesn’t seem to be sure of what will happen to the origin chip, so they are giving Chromium users more customizability. Where do you like your origin chip?