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Google Drive cloud storage prices now cheaper than ever!

Google has also dropped the prices for their Drive cloud storage plans. You can still get 15 GB for free, but now the paid plans start at $1.99.

New Flickr sets the bar high with 1 TB of free cloud storage

Holy smokes! Flickr just set a new standard by offering everyone a free Terabyte of storage! Come in and learn all the details, guys.

Google merging cloud storage, 15 GB for all your Google services

Google has decided to merge your Gmail, Drive and Google+ cloud storage. You can now enjoy 15 free GB across all services, but is this convenient for everyone?

Kim Dotcom’s Mega now available in beta, destroys competito...

A year ago, today, MegaUpload was taken down by US authorities for copyright infringement. Cloud storage solutions have continued to evolve since then. Users are now more invested in services like DropBox, Box and Google Drive (The last happens to be one of our favorites, due to its obvious connection …