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Chromebooks quickly taking over schools

Chromebooks are not only entertainment and browsing machines, they have also proved to be great education tools. Recent studies prove Chrome OS is a hit in US schools!

Samsung Chromebooks now make up 10% of school computers

We know Chromebooks make for 21% of all USA laptop sales, but how well are they doing in the education system? It seems they are doing amazing, especially Samsung.

Would you like your school to use Chromebooks?

Do you think schools are ready to work on the cloud? CCSD is deploying 18,000 Chromebooks to 60+ schools!

Chromebook influence on schools skyrocketing

Google has announced that over 2,000 schools are now using Chromebooks to improve teaching and learning. This is twice as much compared to 3 months ago, so you can see how significant this jump is. Chromebooks are really booming and we don’t expect this explosion to stop any time soon. …

Lenovo announces ThinkPad X131e Chromebook for education

Chromebooks are booming and we are starting to see more and more manufacturers jump into the game with their latest web-based computers. Here is one we didn’t expect to see around this site for a while, though… Lenovo. The computer maker has just announced the ThinkPad X131e Chromebook, with the …

$99 Chromebooks for education through December 21st

Chromebooks are a great tool for education – a concept we have already covered in the past. They are easily serviceable and manageable, they are fast and simple, and now they are more affordable than ever (going for as low as $200). But what if you need something a bit …

Chromebooks Popular as Educational Tools

While Chromebooks haven’t taken off in the mainstream market, Google has announced that they are popular with school administrators. Schools are deploying 1-to1 programs with the Chromebooks, where each student receives one of the laptops. While this is certainly not the majority of schools, the fact that they seem to …