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How Google handles police investigations and warrants

Ever wondered how Google handles police investigations that require your data? Google has put together a very neat video showing you just how it’s done!

Google makes Gmail much safer, protecting you from the NSA

The NSA may have a strong backing, but Google has the tech muscle to at least give them a hard time. Find out how Gmail is made more secure today.

Gmail notifies users of yet another bug

Gmail hasn’t been the most stable since last week, and now we have yet another issue. Your important messages may have been deleted or sent to the spam folder!

Google glitch sending thousands of emails to unlucky users

Gmail went down for a while last Friday. The same day, a very unique glitch showed up, it was causing a flood of emails to reach some users.

When Google services go down…

The whole world seems to stop. Google has such a hold on the internet that a bit of time down puts the online world in chaos!

GText turns your Gmail inbox into a text messaging beast [VIDEO]

GText brings the power of text messaging straight to your Gmail inbox! It links to your phone, making Gmail a remote messaging tool for your smartphone.

Images now display automatically in Gmail

That “Display Images” button in Gmail can get a bit annoying. This is why Gmail has decided to get rid of it. But does that mean your inbox is now less secure?

How to activate full-screen compose window on Gmail

Don’t like the new Gmail compose window design? Here is how to get rid of it!

We can now make calls via Google Hangouts!

Google has brought back the ability to make calls straight from Gmail, Google+ and the Hangouts Chrome extension. What’s best, calls to the US are still free!

How to access your Google Contacts info from Google Search

If you are like me, you are tired of the way contacts are handled. We need something easier and convenient, and it seems Google is going in the right direction this time.