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Check out how much faster Chrome 32 for Android is!

Chrome 32 is getting rid of the double-tap-to-zoom function, but making touch response 300 ms faster! Click through to see a comparison!

How to get your Chromebook goodies

Don’t know how to get your Chromebook goodies? Don’t worry, taking advantage of your free offers is very simple. Here is a nice, little tutorial for you!

With Chromium for Mac and Windows, your passwords are now safer

Chrome is a very secure browser, but that doesn’t mean it has it is flawless. Google has just fixed one of the biggest security oversights in its browser.

Folders now included in Chrome Bookmarks Search

Today, Google closes a feature request that has been open since 2009! Chrome is now able to search for folders in the Bookmarks Search function.

“OK Google” – Google Conversational Voice Searc...

Google Conversational Voice Search has finally arrived and all Chromies can now test it! Simply install the application, head to Google, say “OK Google” and search away!

Google “Go Search” button appears in Chrome Canary...

A lot of people don’t even know you can search from Chrome’s Omnibox! Should Google make it a little more obvious?

Chrome Beta now appears as a search result in the Google Play Sto...

Isn’t it annoying to have to go through jumps and flips just to find Chrome Beta for Android in the Google Play Store? It’s been hidden from search results, but such is no longer the case!

Chrome collapsible Rich Notifications being tested, but they need...

Is your Chrome notifications area getting too crowded? Maybe you need some Rich Notifications to expose less details. Google is testing collapsible Rich Notifications and they are looking promising, but not perfect.

Test your website by emulating any device on Chrome Canary

Developers out there have many headaches trying to deal with the sea of devices and different screens out there. Can Google make it all better with the new device emulator?

Chrome OS updated with shelf placement control, better icons and ...

I am honestly loving this update! I can change the location of the shelf, the icons now work better and are better organized, and other improvements are making the experience much better!