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Google wants to teach you how to use data with Fusion Tables

Don’t know how to use Fusion Tables? Let Google themselves show you how! You can sign up for Google’s free online course. Hurry up – it won’t be available for long!

How to access Google Drive from your Chromebook

Most of what Chromebooks do revolves around “the cloud” and the internet is an essential part of their performance. This is why Google Drive is so important.

Google Drive cloud storage prices now cheaper than ever!

Google has also dropped the prices for their Drive cloud storage plans. You can still get 15 GB for free, but now the paid plans start at $1.99.

Google Drive improves Docs and Sheets with add-ons

Google Drive Docs and Sheets just got much, much better! The Search Giant has updated its online office applications with add-ons. What are these all about?

When Google services go down…

The whole world seems to stop. Google has such a hold on the internet that a bit of time down puts the online world in chaos!

Googler releases ZIP Extractor for Chrome

Googler Mike Procopio has just release ZIP Extractor, a decompresser app for Chrome users that will work like a charm.

Google Apps users enjoying Google Drive presentation support for ...

Past rumors indicate that Google has been working on bringing Chromecast support to Google Drive. Some can use it, some can’t, and it seems we have found out why!

QuickOffice is now free, along with 10 GB of Google Drive storage...

QuickOffice is now free, thanks to Google. If that wasn’t enough, the Search Giant is also throwing in a freebie!

You can now hyperlink text in Google Drive files without knowing ...

Hyperlinking your text to websites across the internet is easy, but Google has found a very nifty way to make the process easier. You can now link to popular results without even knowing the exact URL!

Mega releases Android app, will you use it over Google Drive now?

Mega has released its Android app and has now gone mobile! It is a great service that is very affordable, but will it beat Google Drive and the others?