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Register for Google IO on April 8-10, here are the details

Google has just published the and the day to sign up is getting closer and closer. In fact, they have also announced when people will be able to sign up.

Google hosting special events regarding Chrome mobile

Chrome can do much more than just browsing through sites, and the games Roll It and Racer were the perfect example of this. If you were impressed by these games at IO, tune in to learn about the technology behind it!

Voice Search now available from Google… kind of

You can now search from Google by using your voice! There are a few issues Google has to get worked out, though. Come over and learn all about them.

Google Hangouts Chrome extension now available for download

Google Hangouts merges all of Google’s communication tools into a unified, powerful messaging service. It also works on many platforms, including Google Chrome! Get your extension here.

Get to know the new Google Maps and sign up to test it

Google Maps received a complete re-design at Google IO 2013. To say the least, the new Google Maps looks amazing. It seems much more intuitive and helpful for finding what you need and what you didn’t think you wanted to see. Google Maps’ new features include an awesome UI, a …

Chrome for Google TV updated to latest version

No longer is Chrome for Google TV behind! Now we can enjoy all of Chrome’s newest features in the large screen, as well as constant updates along with other platforms!

10 things to know about your Chromebook Pixel

Thinking about getting a Chromebook Pixel? We just got ours at Google IO 2013, so come in and see what the revolutionary device is all about!

Send money to friends via Gmail… as an attachment! [VIDEO]

Google is now allowing users to send money via Gmail. It works with Google Wallet and there are a few things to do before you can start using the feature, so come in and see how it all works!

Google announces improvements to Google+ Photos [VIDEO]

Google+ Photos now offers easy ways to improve and edit your photos to make your page much more fun! Come and see how you can improve your pictures “like a professional”.

Google brings conversational voice search to desktop via Chrome

Technology is more closely mirroring our human interactions and Google’s new conversational search is the perfect example of this. Simply sit back and talk to your computer to find any information you may need!