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This week in Chrome news: Play Music, Photowall, Google Now, and ...

If you thought last week’s Chrome news were awesome, you will be surprised by all the awesome things that happened this week! Here are the hottest topics this week.

Google Now rolling out to all desktop Chrome users starting today

Starting today, Google Now cards will be showing up on your Chrome browsers for desktop and laptop. The update process will last a “few weeks”. Learn all about it here.

Google announces Android Wear – LG G Watch and Moto 360 fir...

Google has just announced Android Wear, a platform that will standardize Android on wearable devices. Here are the details and first announced devices.

Google Now recognizes your family members!

Google Now has been updated to recognize who your close ones are. You can say things like “call mom” to get in touch with your family! Check it out.

Google Now notifications available with Chrome Beta

Have you been loving Google Now cards on Android and iOS? Now you can have them on your Desktop thanks to Chrome Beta.

“OK Google” hotword feature for Chrome OS now launche...

Google continues to improve its Google Now/hotword features for Chrome OS. It is now able to launch the first result after 3 seconds, making it much more functional.

Knowledge Graph helps Google answer more complex questions

Google’s voice search responses are no longer limited to a few questions. Thanks to the Knowledge Graph, Google can now responds much more complex questions. Here is an example.

“OK Google” hotword extension now being integrated in...

We have been using the Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) for a while now. This feature is expected to be embedded in Chrome and now we know Google is working on that.

Google Now cards now available for Chrome OS Dev

Google Now has only lived within mobile devices until now, but we have been hoping for it to come to the desktop. Google’s hotword search function get’s closer to it, but we still haven’t tasted full Google Now on Chrome. The latest Chrome OS Dev update changes history by giving …

“OK Google” hotword not working after last Chrome Bet...

Chrome Beta for Android was recently updated with a slew of performance improvements and bug fixes, but it also brought one issue users across the web have been complaining about.