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Chromecast rooted – it’s not really Chrome OS-based

Just got your brand new Chromecast and can’t wait to unlock its full capabilities? A root method has been found! Will you root yours?

Russian Hacks Chrome at Pwn2Own, Wins $60,000

Chrome’s security as a browser has long been touted thanks to its sandbox technology which prevents malicious code from spreading. One of the reasons the browser is so successful is an annual event held each year called Pwn 2 Own, which awards more than $1 million in prizes to hackers …

Dangerous extensions possible for the secure Chrome browser?

The Chrome browser is seen as the safest browsers around. With it’s sandboxing technology and other protection strategies, it’s quite safe to browse the web with Chrome. After the FireFox guys discovered a plugin that steals passwords, the world was shown another possibility hackers will try to exploit to get …