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Walmart giving $15 gift card with the purchase of a Chromebook

Thinking of buying a Chromebook soon? It would be a good idea to take a look at this neat deal Walmart has for you! You can get a free gift card.

Samsung Chromebooks now make up 10% of school computers

We know Chromebooks make for 21% of all USA laptop sales, but how well are they doing in the education system? It seems they are doing amazing, especially Samsung.

New Samsung Chromebook coming in 2014 – amazing specs, but ...

The Samsung Chromebook sold like no other Chromebook thanks to its price and performance, will its successor be as successful? If the rumored specs and price are true, it will!

The Best Chromebooks of 2013

Thinking of getting yourself a brand new Chromebook? Here are the best you will be able to find!

Cyber Monday: Samsung Chromebook available for $200, act fast!

Have you been looking for a nice Chromebook? Maybe you are shopping for a nice Christmas gift. Whatever your reason, you can get a very good deal on the popular Samsung Chromebook. Amazon is offering the most popular Chromebook for just $199 if you purchase it within the next couple …

Would you like your school to use Chromebooks?

Do you think schools are ready to work on the cloud? CCSD is deploying 18,000 Chromebooks to 60+ schools!

Netflix now available from your Samsung Chromebook!

We live in an age when Netflix compatibility can mean the difference between purchasing a device or not. At the very least, it is an important factor to consider when shopping around. We are sure many users have felt pretty upset about the Samsung Chromebook’s inability to play Netflix content, …

Chromebooks are much more popular than we may think

While Chromebooks are far from being full-computer replacements, there is a huge demand from those who seek speed, portability and simplicity. Their recent price strategy may have helped, but we also have other less affordable Chromebooks doing very well. Just how much popularity are Chromebooks gaining? Well, a quick trip …

Is the new Samsung Chromebook really the best device of 2012?

It is hard to think of any Chromebook as the best device of the year, especially when it is competing against all gadgets, from smartphones to gaming supercomputers. Fortune Magazine has just published its Best of the Best of the Year section for 2012, and guess what? The new $250 …

New Samsung Chromebook announced with a $249 price tag

Samsung is at it again, and this time with a much better deal. Google has just announced a new Chromebook by the Korean manufacturer, bringing all the great features Chrome OS has to offer in small package. But this one is a little more special for a different reason; it’s …