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Is your Google data secure?

No system is completely secure, but Google is “pretty sure” your private information is safe from external eyes.

Google’s Security Rewards Program now includes all company&...

Are you good at finding vulnerabilities in Chrome Apps? You might want to start looking into Google’s apps and extensions. Google is paying good money if you can help out!

Chrome bug allows malicious websites to spy on you

Developer Tal Ater has discovered a Chrome bug that may threaten your privacy and security. It allows websites to listen in via your mic, without your knowledge!

Chrome update let’s you know which tabs are emitting sound

Chrome stable channel has just received an update with some awesome features! It brings a few features that focus on privacy, security and aesthetics.

With Chromium for Mac and Windows, your passwords are now safer

Chrome is a very secure browser, but that doesn’t mean it has it is flawless. Google has just fixed one of the biggest security oversights in its browser.

Eric Schmidt: we can stop the NSA by encrypting everything

Do you believe the government is trying to limit the full power of the internet by censoring and tracking it? Google has a solution, and though it will take time they are sure it will work.

What info is Google Sync exactly saving?

Turning on Google Sync completely changes the way you look at the web. It makes Chrome much more intuitive and parallel across devices. I like knowing that I can pull out my opened tabs from any device with Chrome, or have the same bookmarks, passwords, history and other info. But …

Are Chromebooks really virus free?

Chromebooks are known for many things. They are fast, light, simple and have great battery life (or at least used to). But there is one specific thing Google has always been able to say: Chrome OS is a virus-free ecosystem. Yes, the video is hilarious, and mostly true. Due to …

Chrome’s TCP/UDP socket support benefits… and its dan...

Coders and developers will love to be able to take advantage of all the hidden treasures behind Chrome. TCP/UDP socket support is an example of this, a feature that has long existed in other browsers, but Chrome was staying away from for security reasons. That is until lately, though, as …

Analyst Says Chrome’s Security Claims are Bunk

The latest announcements by Google about their netbook OS, Chrome, are drawing the ire of some security experts saying; saying, more or less, that they are just too good to be true. Google is claiming that “Chromebooks have many layers of security built in so there is no anti-virus software …