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Chrome update fixes HTC One speakerphone bug

Chrome for Android has just received what seems like a very insignificant update, but it will be heaven-sent for some of you.

AllCast updated with cover art support, new screens and more

AllCast has been updated with a good list of improvements, some of which will be very noticeable. The app now looks much better!

Chrome OS Dev update: Bluetooth notifications, always maximized m...

Chrome OS Dev has received another slew of improvements in its latest update. None of these are huge improvements, but together they make a huge difference.

Google Keep updated: improved UI and drawer

Google Keep has just received a very neat update with an improved UI and added drawer. It now highly resembles the Android app and has added functionality.

AllCast gets major update: DLNA support, new icon, improved UI an...

The new updates comes with a plethora of great improvements and changes, but we are most excited about DLNA compatibility! What about you?

Chrome OS Dev update: languages, volume sound, music icon and mor...

The latest Chrome OS Dev update brings a great selection of upgrades and improvements. Click through to check them out and see what’s new!

Chrome Beta for Android updated with Chromecast support

Wish you could Chromecast from your phone’s browser? Now you can! It’s an experimental feature, but we should see it completed soon enough.

Chromecast apps are about to show up! Google Play Services SDK up...

Now that both the Google Cast and Google Play Services SDKs are ready to go, it is only a matter of time before all the third-party Chromecast apps show up!

Chrome OS Dev update brings pinch-to-zoom

Isn’t it unbelievable that touchscreen Chromebooks don’t have pinch-to-zoom? The latest Chrome OS Dev update fixes that, but we still have to wait for it to reach stable channel.

You can now lock the Chrome OS experimental virtual keyboard

Chrome OS is moving into a touch-based environment. All we need is a good on-screen keyboard and Google has improved it a bit today.