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How Google handles police investigations and warrants

Ever wondered how Google handles police investigations that require your data? Google has put together a very neat video showing you just how it’s done!

Tube Cast – the FIRST Windows Phone app to support Chromeca...

The first Windows Phone app with Chroemcast support has shown up! It doesn’t do much right now, but Tube Cast is setting the record straight!

You can now stream embedded YouTube videos to Chromecast

We have been able to stream YouTube videos to Chromecast from our browsers, but only from New improvements include embedded video support, though!

YouTube to demonstrate new 4K video format at CES

YouTube is set on revolutionizing 4K video streaming with its new format – VP9. We will check it out at CES, but first let’s show you what it’s all about.

Would you pay for a premium music video service from YouTube?

Most people can agree that YouTube is the best video streaming service in the world. People use it to share personal memories, musicians and actors use it to connect with their followers, and vloggers become celebrities bigger than said stars, sometimes. Surely, it is one of Google’s best assets and …

YouTube implementing new Google+ commenting system

Remember when Google implemented Google+ comments to Blogger? People are loving them, and now it’s time for YouTube to get the treat!

YouTube renews deal with VEVO, will keep dibs on music videos

YouTube has made an investment in VEVO and renewed their contract to stay together. We will be able to enjoy our music videos on YouTube for years to come!

YouTube launches paid channel subscriptions

YouTube is on its way to replace traditional TV with its new paid channel subscriptions. We are not sure if people are really ready to pay for YouTube content, though. What do you think?

Gmail for iOS updated, now redirecting you to its apps instead of...

Google has updated the Gmail app for iOS with better integration to the Google Apps. Users can now be re-directed straight to other Google apps instead of the browser!

YouTube site can do the Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake will probably continue to grow to become the next big thing in YouTube (if it isn’t already). Institutions and groups of people all over the place have already created their own versions of the “spontaneously predictable” dance and it was only a matter of time before the …